Scalaris is a self-funded and community-governed project. Decentralization defines the template for group decision-making and is self-managed through a 2-part governing system consisting of Service Nodes and Superblocks.


Superblocks are special blocks that occur every 42,000 blocks. On each Superblock, up to a maximum of 30,000 SCA can be minted to fund the project. It's important to note that only the total amount of SCA requested by passing proposals will be minted, so if no proposals pass then no SCA will be minted in the Superblock.

To request funding from a Superblock, a proposal must be submitted to the network prior to the Superblock. Service Node operators( holders of 2500 +1 SCA) then have the opportunity to review these proposals and vote on each proposal with either a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to approve or decline funding.

Passing Criteria

For a proposal to pass and receive funding:

  • 25% of all Service Nodes voting in this Superblock must have voted on the proposal
  • 60% of votes must be "yes" (in favor)
  • At this point all valid proposals are prioritized according to these requirements:
    1. Descending order by the sum of yes votes minus no votes
    2. Descending order by amount of yes votes
    3. Sequential order by block height the proposal is submitted (earlier blocks are first)
  • The Superblock is then filled by as many valid proposals as possible according to the priority defined by (a), (b), and (c)
  • If there are not enough funds remaining in the Superblock for a proposal to fit, it is skipped (not paid out), and the next proposal in the priority list is checked for qualification

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