Scalaris DX FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below are a list of Scalaris DX frequently asked questions. For any questions not answered below, please join the Scalaris community on Discord for further discussion: Discord Invite or Telegram

My version of [blockchain] wallet isn’t one of the options to select in the set up process. Can I use this version? Will it still work?"

Only use wallet versions that are listed. If a version is not listed, it has either not been tested yet or is not compatible. Using a wallet version not listed may result in failed trades or loss of funds.

I have Scalaris DX currently working with two wallets. I want to add a third blockchain wallet. Do I need to restart all wallets and go through the set up process again?"

Yes, at this point in time the setup process needs to be repeated to add additional wallets. However, the blockchains previously selected will be remembered at the initial selection screen when repeating the setup process. The option to go through the setup process again can be found in the sidebar menu under the ‘Settings’ section.

I am trading with SCA/LTC. If I make an order with BUY, does that mean I want to buy SCA (and sell LTC)? If I select “SELL,” that means I am selling SCA and will receive LTC?"

If in the SCA/LTC market and using BUY order form, you will be buying SCA with LTC. Using the SELL order form means you will be selling SCA to receive LTC.

Do I always need to download and use full blockchains when trading?"

Scalaris DX is a full decentralized exchange with no central components, which requires the full blockchains to be installed and synced locally to submit the trades as transactions on the network.

Do I need to have SCA in order to trade?"

If you are making (placing) an order, no SCA is needed. If you are taking (filling) an order, SCA is need to cover the trade fee. Read more...

If I want to place or accept multiple trades, I need to split my tokens into multiple UTXOs within the same address. How do I do that?"

Splitting of tokens (inputs) can be done using the Coin Control functionality within the respective wallet.

I keep getting change addresses after making trades. How do I consolidate them all back into one address and then split them back up into multiple UTXOs again?"

Combining and splitting of tokens (inputs) can be done using the Coin Control functionality within the respective wallet.

Why is my balance shown as 0 even though I have funds in it."

Some blockchains have Segwit enabled, which uses a different address system. At the moment these new Segwit addresses are not supported so legacy addresses must be used. For example, with Litecoin ‘L’ addresses should be used instead of ‘M’ addresses and with Monacoin ‘M’ addresses should be used instead of ‘P’ addresses.

Why is my balance on Scalaris DX different than in my wallet?"

The balance reported in Scalaris DX may be less than the amount reported in the respective wallet because the Scalaris DX reports the available balance. This is the balance showing in your wallet minus any immature funds (such as from staking) and funds locked up in open trades + try add staking=0 to conf if it's pos coin ( as exmaple at scalaris for stop staking) , or what need use at your coin.

Why is market pricing showing as ‘N/A’?"

If the alternate market pricing is shown as ‘N/A’, this means that the current API source selected does not support the current market. When this happens, another API source should be selected.

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